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Clarity Laser Vision Center Member Physicians perform the following procedures in our state of the art facility:

Cheat Sheet

This document is a quick reference for Clarity staff so that they can create new pages with ease that look like the rest of the site. This page is "hidden" from the rest of the world, and can only be accessed by knowing the web address for the page. Additionally, Google will not index this page.

Creating a document

  1. Click the New Document New Doc button button. It is located above the document tree.
  2. Before adding content we need to set up the page. In the General Tab, FIRST change the template. The template to use is clarity_secondary for any content pages. All other templates are either used for the home page or for the PhysicianSearch application.
  3. Now Save the document, by first choosing the Continue editing  radio at the top of the page, then clicking the Save button
  4. Once  ModX has done it's thing, you are back in the content editing area.  Type the Title of the document in the Title field. This is what will show up at the top of the page in Header 1 style (see Styles below).
  5. Now type in the Long Title of the document. This is the title that shows up at the top of the web browser, and it is a VERY important component of search engine optimization. Thus, we format all of our long titles as: Clarity Laser Vision Center - Denver, CO LASIK - Name of Page (Name of Page should be similar to your page Title.) Don't use any special characters, such as & ? * . etc in the title.
  6. Now we need to set the Document's Alias. This is actually the web browser address for the page. Every document alias needs to have .html at the end, and no fancy characters (&, %, ?, ., etc). Additionally, the alias needs to be descriptive (a search engine optimization thing). Very important: no spaces in the alias!! So a good alias would be: name-of-page.html. To visit that page, a user would then go http://www.claritylasercenter.com/lasik-denver/name-of-page.html
  7. Your General Tab should now look like this:

  1. Switch to the Meta Keywords tab of your document. Select everything, EXCEPT Nofollow, by holding the shift key and clicking on Abstract then (still holding shift) clicking on Revisit. This is an important step to help with search engine optimization.

  1. Save your document by clicking the Save button at the top of the page. You have now created a document. Move on to the Addng Content stage below:

Adding Content

  1.   To add content to the main section of the site, use the Document Content box. You will recognize that it looks a lot like MS Word, but since it is in a web browser, there are a few differences.
  2. Type the content you want into the text area. To style it, see Styling below.
  3. Save the document periodically while you are typing. Also make sure to Save when you are done.

Styling Text

Styling text is as easy as highlighting text, then choosing the correct style. Although the editor provides a variety of options, we only want you to use a few of them. This will create a uniform page that fits in with the rest of the site.


There are only 3 types of headings you should use. In the Format Dropdown  , choose from either Heading 1, Heading 2 or Heading 3.

Heading 1 looks like this: mainly used for page titles

Heading 2 looks like this: mainly used for Subheads

Heading 3 looks like this: used for additional subheads (usually under Heading 2).

To type in a heading, either go to a new line and first choose a heading from the Format dropdown and start typing. Or you can highlight a line of text you have already typed and choose a heading from the Format dropdown.


Paragraphs are the default text entry format. But sometimes the editor doesn't get it right. You'll know this is the case when your text appears really big on the main site page. To fix this, go back to the page in the ModX admin and simply highlight the text and choose Paragraph from the Format menu

Additional Options

Bold & Italics can be set by highlighting text and clicking the appropriate button here:  . Please DO NOT use underlines, since it may confuse people into believing the underlined text is a link. If the text continues to be bold/italic as you type, you need to unclick the appropriate button.

To indent and/or exdent a paragraph, choose these options:

To make a bulleted list, choose this option:

To make a numbered list, choose this option:

If you have any questions about additional editing options, call us. (720) 540 8555. 

Changing the Sidebar

Editing the sidebar is exactly the same as editing the main content of the page. You just make these changes in the Template Variables section which is located directly below the Document Content section.

To list procedures in this section, type this code in the text editor:

Procedures Snippet

 Linking to Pages in the site

To link to a page in the site, you first need to know what the Document ID of the page is.

  1. Navigate to the page you want to link to in the document tree on the left.
  2. Note the ID of the page. If you want to link the Physician Search page you would see that it has an ID of 37:
  3. Highlight the text you want to link, Then click the Link Button
  4. This will launch the link box. If I want to link the the Physician Search Page (ID 37), I would type PhysicianSearch2.html. The [~pageID~] is ModX's linking system. It will automatically select the page if you entered the corect ID, as shown below:

  5. After you have finished entering the link, click the Insert Button, and you are done.

Publishing & Moving The Page

After creating your page, your will need to publish it, and possibly move it to the correct section of the site.. You will know if the page is published or not by the color of the page title in the document tree:

Unpublished Pages use gray italics:

Published Pages use black text:

To Publish a Page:

  1. In the document tree, Right Click on the unpublished document. In the modX menu, choose Publish document

The document is now published.

Moving a Document

It is VERY IMPORTANT that a document resides under the Home document in the tree. Any document (beyond our XML docs) that are published outside the document tree will cause an error in Modx which will cause the site to become unavailable to users.

Moving a document is a simple 4 step process.

  1. Right Click on the document you want to move. Choose Move Document.
  2. Once the right side panel loads, it will display this message:
  3. Find the document in the document tree that the moved document should "live under" This is the parent document. Click its icon. Example: If you are creating a new page that will live under the About section, click the "About Clarity" page icon.
  4. Click the Save button at the top of the page.

The moved document should now reside under the parent document you selected in the document tree.

Summing it up

You have now completed the basic process of creating and editing pages. If you have additional questions about your site manager, please contact Feverish at 720-540-8555.